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Notes from the Editor

Hello, Goodbye -- an Important Announcement

In this issue:

Notes from the editor:

We're happy to announce the results of the Liberty BASIC Browser Contest in this issue. We've included the winning entry as well as the other fine entries. You can borrow ideas from each of them to create your own custom browser! Many thanks to all who participated in the contest.

The SDDataGrid by Dennis McKinney is a must-have control for any Liberty BASIC programmers who need database and spreadsheet capabilities in their programs. Not only does it make the display of data easy, but it is also lightning fast! To see how quickly and easily it works, read the article ODBC, SD DataGrid, LB, and Speed by Eldron Gill. Eldron explains the techniques clearly and his sample code is included with this issue, along with a trial version of the SDDataGrid. This is incredibly good stuff! Thanks so much, Eldron!

Cassio Ferreira shares his views as a fairly new user of Liberty BASIC in Review: Liberty BASIC v4.03. Even if you are already quite familiar with the Liberty BASIC language, you'll want to read Cassio's thoughts. This is a great overview of Liberty BASIC. Thanks, Cassio!

Mike Bradbury is a frequent contributor to the newsletter, and his articles are always excellent. This one is no exception. This time, Mike shows us an easy and clever way to use a single bitmap to display two LED states, with code for a binary counter thrown in for free!

If you are confused about the use of masks for sprites, check out Sprite Byte: All About Masks.

The API Corner in this issue explains two very useful window functions. One determines if a window is minimized and the other retrieves the screen coordinates of the window.

We've had many requests for articles on the release of commercial software and this issue contains two more articles in that series: Ini Files for Professional Software, and Registration Keys for Shareware.

Eddie's Lessons continue as Eddie adds the user option to specify the size of the font.

Demonstration programs this month include two by Brent Thorn on Dragging a Popup, and a Random Audio File Player by Gordon Sweet. Thanks very much for the great programs, Brent and Gordon! Eddie, the Code Editor also makes another appearance in the demo list.

- Alyce Watson

Hello, Goodbye -- an Important Announcement

This issue marks the Eighth Anniversary of the Liberty BASIC Newsletter! The publishing team would like to offer our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many clever and kind people who have contributed articles over the years. We also want to thank our valued readers, who have displayed remarkable patience and courtesy. We've sometimes been late to publish and we've often made errors, but our readers kindly ignore such problems and offer us support and praise in spite of our many and varied failings. Thank you, dear friends!

The very success of the newsletter has caused problems. It is difficult to search through one hundred forty-three issues, even with the index and contents that are so faithfully maintained by Bill Jennings. As Liberty BASIC has grown and changed, some articles and methods have become outdated and some are now just plain wrong.

After much discussion and consideration, the newsletter team has decided that a new format is needed. Rather than continuing with a monthly publication, we're moving to a more fluid and dynamic format. The Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia at [] will offer the same high-quality technical articles to which you have become accustomed in the newsletter. Instead of being organized by date of publication, they will be organized according to subject matter. Instead of being published as finished products, they will be subject to revision and modification in an online encyclopedia format. We hope that this format will better serve the needs of the online Liberty BASIC community. We hope that community members will continue to submit articles.

Please see [Wikipedia] for an excellent example of a dynamic online encyclopedia.

The scheduled opening of the Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia is May 1, 2006. Brad Moore will launch the new site with some of his great articles. After that launch date, articles will be added whenever they are written and submitted, so you'll want to check back often to see what's new. We hope that you will all join us as we move to transform the newsletter into an even better resource for Liberty BASIC programmers.

Until April 15, 2006, you may still email submissions to the newsletter team. Send them either to Janet or Brad at the email addresses below.

[Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia!]


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